Plant Biodiversity Resource Centre


The Plant Biodiversity Resource Centre (CeDocBiV) brings together all the UB’s botanical collections and documents in the area of plant biodiversity. Highlights include the herbarium BCN, databases, and specialized bibliographic resources, several thematic maps, photographs and scientific correspondence.


The main goal of the CeDocBiV is to ensure the conservation of the materials in its collections and provide easy access. This service is available to the general public. The CeDocBiV promotes scientific meetings and specialized courses and offers a range of internships providing practical work experience and training to bachelor and master's degrees.


The CeDocBiV is part of the UB’s Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI). It is governed by its own Rules and Regulations (Catalan), approved by the UB’s Governing Council in July 2022. Members of the CeDocBiV include the staff of the centre, the staff of the Botany units of the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Science, as well as the researchers from other institutions or public entities who develop tasks related to biodiversity and are ascribed to it.


All activities carried out by the CeDocBiV appear in its action plan and its report (Catalan), which are prepared annually and approved by the Advisory Council.    

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Opening hours

Monday to Friday. 8.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. (by appointment only)


Herbarium of the UB

This collection has over 400,000 specimens of samples from all the major plant groups (algae, bryophytes, cormophytes, fungi and lichens). It contains important historical collections from the nineteenth century, a collection to support teaching, an ethnobotany collection and a collection of fruits and seeds.

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The information contained in the herbarium samples is compiled in databases that facilitate its management. In addition, images are also obtained of the most relevant samples. Here are also included other databases of the research projects of the members of the CeDocBiV.

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Bibliographic resources on plant biodiversity

Collection of specialized books and journals in this subject that can be consulted in the Plant Biodiversity Documentation Center.

Access the resources at Cercabib.


Personal funds and archival documents

The CeDocBiV, also houses other types of documentary collections that are a valuable source of information for the documentation of the herbarium samples, like photographic material, scientific correspondence, field notebooks and other manuscripts, files, microscope slides, instruments and botanical objects. Its description and inventory are available in the Dipòsit Digital de la UB. 

These are materials generally related to research and teaching in the field of plant biodiversity, with a long tradition at our University. Personal funds stand out:

Josep Cuatrecasas fund

Creu Casas i Sicart fund


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Facilities and map

CeDocBiV equipments includes:

  • Herbarium room with climate controls, a workstation equipped with a binocular stereoscope and a computer with Internet connection.
  • Laboratories furnished with a microscope, a binocular stereoscope with micrometer, and the basic tools for the study of herbarium specimens.
  • Sample preparation room with heat press and freezer at –20 ºC.
  • A system to take digital images, macroscopically or with a binocular stereoscope or a microscope.


Person in charge
Joan Vallès Xirau (acting director)
Roser Guardia Rubies (person in charge)
Email address
934 037 019
Baldiri Reixac, 2 (segona planta)