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Marketing products for sale

Take the opportunity of gifting books, calendars and bookmarks made by the CRAI, helping us to spread the important library collections (manuscripts, incunabula, books from the 16th. to the 19th. century, specialized collections of different thematics, etc.) that are deposited in our libraries.

You can buy these materials:

 Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library

 CRAI Projects Unit

 UB shop - Historic building

 On request, to any of our CRAI libraries

Porta targetes
Targeter doble de 9,5 x 6,5 cms. (plegat)
Preu UB:
1,50 €
Preu externs:
1,90 €
Calendari CRAI 2023
Calendari de sobretaula
Preu UB:
Preu externs:
Camussa amb estampació d'una 'Goura' de la Col.lecció Dr. Sabater Pi - Naturalista
Preu UB:
2,50 €
Preu externs:
3,00 €
'Pack' anti Covid-19
Preu UB:
PM: 2,00 €; DG: 1,50 €
Preu externs:
PM: 2,50 €; DG: 2,00 €
Llibreta CRAI
21 x 15 cms.
Preu UB:
3,50 €
Preu externs:
4,40 €
Funda ulleres
8,5 x 16,5 cm
Preu UB:
3 €
Preu externs:
3,80 €
Punt de llibre Reserva
6 x 21 cms.
Preu UB:
1,00 €
Preu externs:
1,30 €
Funda per a documents
Funda de PP de 32 x 22,5 cms.
Preu UB:
4,00 €
Preu externs:
5,00 €
Llapis CRAI
Llapis de 17 cm
Preu UB:
0,80 euros
Preu externs:
1,00 euro


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