University of Barcelona bibliographic and documentary heritage

The patrimonial collections of the University of Barcelona are formed by the singular ancient collections, by the documentary collections and by the bibliographic, personal and thematic collections.


  • Ancient collections: manuscripts, incunabula, editions from the 16th to 19th century and other bibliographic documents mainly deposited at the Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library except for the law ancient collection deposited at the Law CRAI Library. The documents published from 1821 to 1950 are deposited at the CRAI libraries.
  • Personal and institutional archive collections and special collections: personal and institutional files collections, the personal and thematic bibliographic collections, which have been mostly originated in the donation of documents by individuals and institutions linked to the University, such as the archive collection of the Pavelló de la República CRAI Library. It is also noteworthy, the cartographic collection gathered in the different CRAI map libraries.
  • UB's digital bibliographic heritage: the digital collections of the CRAI can be found at the Biblioteca Patrimonial Digital (BiPaDi) and the Memòria Digital de Catalunya (MDC). The CRAI also collaborates with the Arxiu de Revistes Catalanes Antigues (ARCA).