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University of Barcelona online repositories

University of Barcelona online repositories

University online repositories to collect the scientific production


  Repository containing open-access digital versions of publications related to the teaching, research and institutional activities of the UB's teaching staff and other members of the university community. 


  Web portal of the scientific journals published by the University of Barcelona. 


For more information: Depositing academic work in UB repositories  ||  Management and publication of scientific journals



Cooperative repositories


  Contains full-text articles of scientific, cultural and erudite catalan journals, including the University of Barcelona journals.  UB journals in RACO


  Contains theses at the University of Barcelona in digital format, as well as theses read at the universities of Catalonia and other Spanish universities. UB Theses in TDX


   Includes the research literature, preprints, conference papers, technical papers, reports, working papers, etc. of the University of Barcelona and the other universities and resarch institutions in Catalonia.  UB research documents in RECERCAT


  Contains digital materials and resources resulting from teaching activities carried out at member universities. UB teaching materials in MDX



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