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Printing large format graphic material

Printing large format graphic material

Printing large format graphic material

 Who it’s for
The printing service for large format graphic material is available to UB teaching and research staff, and teaching and research staff from other Spanish universities.
The unit has a last generation HP Designjet Z5200 Postscript plotter, which can print on different materials (photographic paper, coated paper and canvas, among others), with a maximum width of 105 cm.
Fill in the following form if you want to print a poster. Complete the section on contact and billing information, and upload the files to print. If any incidents occur or you have any doubts about the form, send an email to a
If payment is made by application of code manager (department budget application), the collection will be at the CRAI Library of the center where belongs the person making the request. The invoice will be sent to the user by email, and must return it signed by internal mail to the CRAI Teaching Unit (c/Baldiri i Reixac, 2).
If payment is in cash, printed material can be collected from the CRAI Teaching Unit during opening hours. The person who collects the material must sign a document that states the printing costs.
 Opening hours
Opening hours are from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Printed material will be delivered 24-48 working hours after reception of the file
 Accepted file types are PDF (recommended), JPG and TIFF 
 The recommended resolution is 300 dpi. Files will not be accepted if the resolution is below 150 dpi.
 The output size will be that of the received file. If you have created the file in A4, it cannot be printed in a larger format.
 Files should be prepared in CMYK colour mode, to avoid a difference in colour between the computer screen and the print, as far as possible. This difference depends on various factors, including the material on which the design will be printed. Files prepared using RGB will be converted automatically to a standard CMYK colour profile. 
 In terms of fonts (types of letter), text should be converted to outlines so that the fonts are printed correctly. If text cannot be converted to outlines or saved in the file, please go to the Unit to check that the text is displayed correctly on our equipment. 


 An indentation of at least 1mm on each side is recommended, although it is safer to leave a margin of 3 mm per side.
 You should use a vector graphics editor, such as CorelDraw and/or Adobe Illustrator, to create a poster, and a program such as GIMP and/or Photoshop to process images (raster). Use Adobe Acrobat and/or PDFCreator to create PDF files.


 Consult the prices in the section on Printing large format graphic material (price per m2) in the document CRAI prices 2017.


For more information, consult the FAQs on photocopies and copying documents or contact us through the S@U, User Support Service.



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