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Presentation of the CRAI Universitat de Barcelona


In 2004, the Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI) replaced the existing University of Barcelona Library structure. The CRAI supports teaching, learning, research and training across all areas of the UB’s activity. We disseminate and facilitate access to information resources, provide a range of quality services, and collaborate in knowledge creation processes in a number of ways. Our aim is to contribute to the academic and scientific goals of each member of the University of Barcelona community.

The CRAI oversees seventeen libraries and seven interdisciplinary units, which provide various types of teaching, learning and research support to all levels of the institution. This comprehensive framework is underpinned by the work of CRAI staff, who strive to provide the best possible service to all users. 
At the CRAI, we have one of the largest heritage collections in Spain, with specialized works in all of the disciplines taught at the University.
We aim to be flexible, cooperative and proactive in the face of changing circumstances, and maintain a core focus on excellence and innovation.

Adelaida Ferrer
Director of the CRAI


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