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Cercabib: the CRAI’s discovery tool

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Cercabib: the CRAI’s discovery tool


Cercabib is the University of Barcelona CRAI’s discovery tool, which allows you to search simultaneously through the entire CRAI collection, regardless of the format, type or location of your chosen item: paper and electronic copies of books, journals, magazine articles, doctoral theses and audio-visual materials, physically located in one of our CRAI libraries or stored on a UB or external server.


Logo del SIREIn conjunction with the E-Resources Access Service, SIRE, Cercabib provides access to all of the electronic resources to which the CRAI holds a subscription.




Watch this presentation video (Catalan):


Presentació nou Cercabib



In the Cercabib Ancient books you will find documents prior to 1821 (manuscripts, incunabula and other printed books, engravings and parchments), mostly located in the Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library and in the Law CRAI Library. It must be borne in mind that the collections of manuscripts and engravings subsequent to these years, despite being guarded by the Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library, must be searched in the global Cercabib.


The Cercabib Ancient Books also includes the records corresponding to the digital copies of the Digital Patrimonial Library of the University of Barcelona (BiPaDi).




For more information, consult the FAQs or contact us via the User Support Service (S@U).



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