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Loan of UB equipment: laptops, e-readers and study rooms

Loan of UB equipment: laptops, e-readers and study rooms

This service includes the loan of laptops and e-readers and the reservation of study rooms.


To use this service, you must be a member of the UB community and hold a UB Card or a document that indicates your entitlement to loan items.


 Laptops. This loan service provides laptops for users to access digital information and the UB's Wi-Fi network.

 Regulations for the laptop loan service at CRAI Libraries.



 Study rooms. This loan service offers rooms at CRAI Libraries for individual or group work. Reservations can be made through the Catalog by selecting the option My Account. For more instructions, consult this guide.

 Instructions on the use of study rooms.



 E-readers. This service loans e-readers to download documents from collections subscribed to by the CRAI or open access materials available online. The service is still being designed, and a trial service is currently being offered at the Philology CRAI Library.

 Instructions on using the e-reader loan service.



Some CRAI Libraries have their own equipment, depending on the courses taught at the Faculty to which they belong. Further information can be obtained from the loans desk at your CRAI Library.


For more information, consult the FAQs on laptop loans and work rooms or contact us via S@U, User Support Service.



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