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Information resources

The University of Barcelona CRAI provides access to a series of information resources intended to meet the varied needs of its users:



Cercabib is the latest University of Barcelona Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI) discovery tool. Further information.

Cercabib With Cercabib you will be able to search simultaneously through the entire CRAI collection, regardless of the format, type or location of your chosen item.
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The Library Catalog and ReCercador+ enable you to search for books, specialized journals, databases, web and thesis resources, among other types of documents.
Catàleg UB To locate and access all kinds of documents available in libraries (books, journals, electronic resources, audio recordings, videos, multimedia, etc.) and an extensive early collection (manuscripts, incunabula, parchments, engravings, books printed from the sixteenth century to 1900).


A single access point to a range of different electronic resources. This can be used to find journals or other electronic documents by searching just one central database and accessing the full text if it is available.
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 UB online repositories  (UB Digital Repository, University of Barcelona's scientific journals [RCUB] and cooperative repositories).


 UB bibliographic heritage (early collections, personal collections and special collections, as well as the UB's digital bibliographic heritage).




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