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University of Barcelona bibliographic and documentary heritage

University of Barcelona bibliographic and documentary heritage

The patrimonial collections of the UB are formed by the ancient collection that is located at Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library, personal file collections and personal bibliographic and thematic collections.
A rich bibliographic  and documentary heritage formed by an important collection of manuscripts, incunabula and editions from the 16th. to 19th. century, mainly deposited at the Rare Book Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library—, that incorporates the rich collections of the conventual libraries of Barcelona after the disentailment, a part of the library of the old University of Cervera and additional contributions received along the history. The ancient collection is completed by other bibliographic collections from the rest of the CRAI libraries as the Library of Medicine and the Library of Law. 
If you need further information, please consult the ancient book catalog for documents before 1900.
These collections are formed by the personal files collection, the bibliographic collections, personal and thematic, which have been mostly originated in the donation of documents by individuals and Institutions with a public image and linked with the University, and the digital special collections.

The integration of this information into the collections of the Libraries of the Barcelona University mainly aims to provide resources for research, and as an additional goal, to emphasize the link between people and the collections with the Institution.


CRAI digital collections can be found at:


BiPaDi logoRepository containing digital copies of bibliographic heritage of the University of Barcelona: manuscripts, incunabula, printed in the sixteenth century to the ninteenth, bibliographical unique collections of documents and archives around a person or topic.


MDC logoCooperative repository that contains digitized collections of catalan journals, photographs, maps, posters, bookplates, etc related to Catalonia

UB collections at MDC


  Digital collections from A to Z


Our collections are also at:



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