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Citations and reference management

Citations and reference management

We provide information and examples of how to cite documents in a bibliography, according to different referencing guides: the ISO:690 standard, the Standard of Archival Description of Catalonia (NODAC) 2007 and other specific standards and guides for different fields.


By type

 Printed documents

 Electronic documents

 Other document types: audio, video, DVD and films, multimedia, cartographic material, graphic documents, projections, handwritten or printed music, among others.


By specialization


Citizing specialized materials:

 Art and humanities - Harvard System

Biomedicine - Vancouver style referencing  

Psychology - American Psychological Association (APA)

Legal sources


Mendeley: reference and citation manager


 How to reference. Produced by The University of Sydney

Com citar i elaborar referències bibliogràfiques

For more information, consult the FAQs on using Mendeley For more information, consult the S@U, the User Support Service.



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