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ORCID identifier

ORCID identifier

Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is an open, not-for-profit project that has developed a unique identifier for authors and researchers.
The aim is to ensure that researchers' scientific and technical output is clearly identified. It is also an effective method for linking research activities that are referred to in different information systems.

 What is the ORCID identifier?


ORCID is a unique 16-digit numerical identifier, based on the standard ISO 27729:2012. It is applicable to all disciplines and sectors of research and across national boundaries. It connects researchers and research through the incorporation of ORCID identifiers into the workflow of science communication.
The system can be used worldwide, and links its user records with other author identification systems (Scopus Author Identifier, WOS ResearcherID).

 How do you request an ORCID identifier?


Researchers can register with ORCID free of charge at:

How do you include the indentifier in the UB research information system (GREC UB Curricul@)


Instructions (catalan version)


 How to transfer fata from Curricul@ to an ORCID profile


Instructions (catalan version)


More information about ORCID


 What is ORCID? Video created by ORCID, subtitles in spanish


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Haak, L., Fenner, M., Paglione, L., Pentz, E., Ratner, H. ORCID : a system to uniquely identify researchers. Learned publishing. Vol. 25, no. 4 (October 2012), p. 259-264.



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