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CRAI Director

The UB’s Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI) Director mission is to manage and coordinate the Centre in accordance with the University’s current regulations and management policy in order to offer the best service possible.


CRAI Administration

The CRAI Administration Unit organizes and coordinates administrative processes, in compliance with the current legislation, UB guidelines and the CRAI's own strategic priorities.
The unit is made up of two sections: Financial Management and Personnel Management.

CRAI Collection Management Unit

The CRAI Collection Management Unit designs and implements policies on the selection, acquisition, conservation and preservation of information resources, ensuring that the information requirements of all uses are covered.



CRAI Project Unit

The CRAI Project Unit was set up to plan, design and develop projects in accordance with the CRAI's mission, strategic areas and action plans, to improve and innovate in the area of user services.
It develops new projects, usually for the digital library, and coordinates, supervises and maintains existing projects. It has five areas of activity: new projects and technology forecasting; website; marketing and diffusion via social networks; repositories and digital collections.

CRAI Research Unit

The CRAI Research Unit provides advice, information and support to the UB community on all aspects of research. Specifically, it helps researchers publish their results and puts them in touch with the relevant University service or unit for specialist subject areas.

CRAI Teaching Unit

The CRAI Teaching Unit manages and provides information resources and useful services for teaching to the UB community, in line with CRAI and UB-wide guidelines.

CRAI Technical Processing Unit

The CRAI Technical Process Unit is in charge of three areas:

 Cataloguing and processing all of the information resources acquired by CRAI, and maintaining the catalog.


CRAI User Services Unit

The CRAI User Services Unit manages and coordinates processes associated with services for CRAI users, in accordance with current legislation and internal guidelines, to provide the best possible service to all users. 


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