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How to write bibliographical references

How to write bibliographical references

How to write bibliographical references

We offer you information and examples of citation of bibliographical references following different styles and reference standards and according to the typology of the documents or their field of specialization. We also offer you information on the most common reference manager tools.



By typologies
By specialization
  • Art and humanities documents (including works of art)


  • Health sciences documents


  • Psychology and social science documents

The Vancouver standards and the APA standards provide, thanks to a UOC initiative, the option of including the full name of the authors in the bibliographic references. We recommend it to contribute to the visibility of the women in research and teaching. [ see UOC guide ]

  • Legal sources
Reference and citation managers

Reference managers are tools that facilitate the organization of bibliographic citations and the creation of bibliographies that work integrated with databases, institutional repositories and the Cercabib


Most outstanding bibliographic managers





 How to cite and manage bibliography (catalan) produced by the CRAI of the University of Barcelona

How to cite and manage bibliography





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