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Accessing UB electronic resources

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Accessing UB electronic resources

Accessing UB electronic resources

The E-Resources Access Service (SIRE) provides access to electronic information resources contracted by CRAI, from a computer/client/device inside or outside the University of Barcelona network. It is based on OCLC's EZproxy solution.



 You must be PDI, PAS or student of the University of Barcelona

Authenticate as a member of the UB (with UB or local identifier)


 E-Resources Access Service (SIRE)

We present two options for access:

 Enabling access. If you access material from a search engine results page (e.g. Google or PubMed), a shortcut or a bookmark, or from UB Virtual Campus

 Must be installed previously the Sire buttom and drag it to Bookmarks.  SIRE Recursos-e CRAI UB

 More information.


 With access automatically activated. Must go through the Cercabib and also pressing the bottom   on the screen you will find the results of searches performed (included those made on Google Scholar). These tools are configurated to automatically activate access.



 Authenticate as a member of the UB (with UB or local identifier).

 The session is automatically closed after an hour of inactivity.

 The session can also be disconnected by entering the URL:

 If a massive download is requested and done (more than 400 MB in less than 15 minutes), the system blocks the user for two hours.


  • Library Access
    • Library Access is a browser extension that facilitates access to electronic resources subscribed by the CRAI of the University of Barcelona





 Remember that the use of electronic resources is only authorized for academic purposes, not for profit or for professional activities outside the University.

 You must accept the terms & conditions once per year.


For more information, consult the FAQs on accessing electronic resources or contact us via the User Support Service (S@U)



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