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Loans of UB documents

Loans of UB documents

Loans of UB documents

The document loan service can be used to consult CRAI materials outside of library premises for a certain period of time. To use this service, you must hold a UB Card or another document that indicates your entitlement to loan items.

By logging into My Account, you can consult the catalog, renew loans, reserve items and check your reading record.

You can request and return documents from other CRAI Libraries at any CRAI loan desk.

Aimed at: 


 Members of the UB community (teaching staff, researchers, students, administrative and service staff, and Alumni Premium UB members)


 External users from institutions and organizations that have an agreement with the UB for this purpose.


Terms, conditions and loan periods


The conditions and length of a standard document loan vary according to the type of user:


 UB teaching and research staff (PDI): 40 items for up to 60 days.


 Postgraduate students and administrative and service staff (PAS): 20 items for up to 30 days.


 Bachelor's degree, postgraduate and university extension students: 10 items for up to 20 days.


 Health professionals at university hospitals, UB teaching and research staff (PDI) affiliated to centres with specific collaboration agreements with the UB or that belong to the UB Group and researchers at affiliated or associated research institutes, research institutes in which the UB participates, and research institutes with specific collaboration agreements with the UB or that are members of the UB Group: 15 items for up to 20 days.


 Students enrolled at centres that have a specific agreement with the UB or are part of the UB Group: 5 items for up to 10 days.



The length of other loan types is the same for all users:


 Recommended bibliography: 10 days. This kind of loan can only be reserved at CRAI Libraries' loan desks.


 Recommended bibliography for weekends: 3 days. This loan cannot be reserved or renewed and must be requested, collected and returned to the CRAI Library that stores the document.


 Audiovisuals: 7 days.


Loan of documents for exhibitions: see the person in charge of the CRAI Library at which the document is stored. This is a paid service. See the regulations (Catalan).


For more information, consult the FAQs on loans or contact us via the User Support Service (S@U).



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