Reserve collection: parchments

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Reserve collection: parchments


 The collection


The collection consists of 890 parchments from various sources: 


 Monastery of Alguaire (religious convent of the order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, situated near Lleida) 

 Benedictine monasteries of Saint Benet de Bagues and of Saint Pere de Casserres

 Documentation from different locations, primarily from Empordà, the city of Perpignan, and other locations in Roussillon, (from the period when they formed part of the Principat de Catalunya), the Vallès and Barcelona

 Assumption College of the ancient Studium Generale of Lleida

 Bachelor’s degree certificates in Philosophy, Medicine, Law, and Theology of the University of Cervera and other universities (Valencia, Huesca and Zaragoza, and also some foreign universities).




There is a generic inventory of the collection of parchments ordered by source and data, located at the consultation room of Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library.


 Special collections


 Parchments of the Monastery of Alguaire




- Diplomatari d'Alguaire i del seu monestir santjoanista de 1076 a 1244 / estudi i edició a cura de Jesús Alturo i Perucho. Barcelona : Fundació Noguera ; Lleida : Pagès, 1999

- Diplomatari d'Alguaire i del seu monestir duple de l'orde de Sant Joan de Jerusalem (1245-1300) / estudi i edició a cura de Jesús Alturo i Perucho. Barcelona : Fundació Noguera ; Lleida : Pagès, 2010
- Col·lecció diplomàtica de Sant Pere de Casserres / edició i estudi a cura d'Irene Llop. Barcelona : Fundació Noguera, 2009. 2 volums.


If you want to know how to cite the old collection and use the images of the CRAI Reserve Library in your academic work, access the resource The old collection of academic work: some recommendations



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