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Open Access at the University of Barcelona

Open Access at the University of Barcelona

Open Access at the University of Barcelona

On these pages you will find information on Open Access at the University of Barcelona and initiatives in this area. We offer a guide to Open Access, information on dissemination activities, and links to information on funding for open access publishing. 


You can check the state of Open Access at the University of Barcelona in our thermometer and in the observatory where we collaborate with the different catalan universities.



 What is Open Access?


The information on this page focuses on the basic concepts that underpin the Open Access (OA) movement, and which are key to understanding its significance and the strategies formulated over 10 years ago in the movement’s founding declarations.


 Open Access publishing: the gold route


The first way to achieve open access is to publish in an OA journal (gold route). Here you will find information on journals of this kind and funding available to publish in them.


 Open Acces publishing 


 Open Access via repositories: the green road

As an alternative or complement to publishing in an OA journal, any published article can be self-archived in a repository (green road). This section explains how to do this.

 Open Access policies and guidelines


This section provides information on OA policies and guidelines that can affect you as a researcher, including the University of Barcelona’s institutional policy, the article on Open Access contained in the Spanish Law on Science, and European guidelines on Open Access.


 Dissemination of Open Access


  Open Access Week 2023 [in catalan]

 Documents and events related to the dissemination of Open Access.



Further information, on FAQs on copyright or contact us via User support service (SAU), or the CRAI Office for Knowledge Dissemination.



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