Information skills

Information and digital competences encompass knowledge, abilities, skills, aptitudes and strategies with which to make effective use of information resources and technology.

Training that targets the development of these competences prepares is necessary preparation for the growing demands of the labour market and professional research settings, where increasing focus is placed on the capacity to display these competences beyond the anticipated level of a university graduate.


In acquiring information and digital competences, members of the UB community will learn to:


  • Search for information: identify information requirements, determine the relevant resources and implement effective search strategies to retrieve the information
  • Organize and manage information: organize and manage information efficiently and effectively
  • Evaluate information: analyze and evaluate the information retrieved and select the relevant documents
  • Create and edit content: create and edit new content, integrate previous knowledge, and make correct use of copyright and licenses
  • Communicate and collaborate: communicate in digital environments, share resources and collaborate across networks
  • Protect data: protect first- and third-party identity and data and make responsible use of technology