CeDocBiV databases

The database section of the CeDocBiV, directed by Dr. Joan Simon, includes the databases of the BCN herbarium, the virtual herbarium, the plant biodiversity fund of the UB and other plant biodiversity databases generated by the research projects of the center's member researchers.
All the databases can be consulted on this webpage or from the computer terminals at our centre. In the latter case, the staff at the CeDocBiV are available to assist.

Databases of the herbarium BCN

Information on the herbarium samples can be consulted: identification, location, collector/s, etc. There is a database for each of the collections that make up the herbarium: algae, ethnobotany, fruits and seeds collection, lichens, bryophytes and cormophyta.
Collection of images of herbarium samples organized by interest groups: nomenclatural types, historical collections, carpotheque, teaching herbarium, myxomycetes, etc.

The results of the research projects of the CeDocBiV members are organized in databases, mostly available online. We highlight the following databases: