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Information skills

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Information skills

Information skills

Information skills are the skills, aptitudes and knowledge of users when searching, locating, assessing and selecting information.


Information skillsWhen searching for information, we often only use search engines on the Internet, because we are not familiar with more specialized information resources. From the CRAI's User Training Service, you can learn about these resources.


At the same time, users frequently find it difficult to identify a need for information, plan a specific search strategy, analyse the information and disseminate their work. Their needs, therefore, are to be able to do the following:


  • Identify the need for information
  • Plan effective strategies to search for and locate information
  • Analyse and assess the results
  • Retrieve the most useful documents
  • Communicate their work adequately
  • Respect the copyrights and intellectual property rights of the documents in order to avoid plagiarism, and to protect one’s own work with the appropriate licences (e.g., bachelor’s and master’s degree final projects and doctoral theses)




For more information, consult the FAQs or contact us via S@U, User Support Service.



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