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Participation of Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library in external projects and in Spanish union catalogs

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Participation of Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library in external projects and in Spanish union catalogs

The aim of the project, by Grupo de Investigación sobre Relaciones de Sucesos (S. XVI-XVIII), directed by Sagrario López Poza of Universidade da Coruña, is the creation, maintenance and dissemination of a database,  in which the Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library participates by incorporating editions and copies and the corresponding digitations since 2008. So far (late 2014) there are 887 editions, 1620 items and 620 digitations of documents from our collection in this project that, in words of Nieves Pena Sueiro, "events are recounted in order to inform, entertain and move the receiver ".
Created by the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL), the CT is a valuable tool for anyone working in the field of ancient books. It contains the names of places of printing, printers, publishers and booksellers, corporate and personal, as well as personal and corporate names of former owners, retrieved from a large list of databases, catalogs and other European resources. The Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library, with the support of the CRAI cataloguing department, feeds the thesaurus with authority records of printers and owners every six months, since January 2013. Currently, there are 2239 printers’ authority records and 577 former owners’ authority records in the CT from our collection. 
Sheltered by the CERL, the MEI database gives a detailed description of each incunabula item held by participant institutions, with the objective to track their trajectory from the moment and place they were printed to the present location.
The Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library contributes to the project from October 2012 by inserting specific details of our copies, in an ongoing process of more extended and careful cataloguing of the incunabula. By November 2014 there are 72 copies described. 
The project was born after the collaboration between the Biblioteca Franciscana of Universidad de las Américas Puebla and Provincia Franciscana del Santo Evangelio de México, and the Biblioteca Histórica José María Lafragua of Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Nowadays there are 17 participating institutions. The remarkable Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library contribution consists of three ‘fire marks’, a form of provenance evidence the use of which was commonly limited to New Spain.
This catalog contains bibliographic records of Spanish scientific and university libraries members of REBIUN (Red de Bibliotecas Universitarias). The catalog is updated six times a year with the catalog records of the participant institutions.
The CCPB is a Spanish union catalog created and maintained by the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes that contains the description and location of books, and other bibliographic documents held in public or private Spanish libraries or other institutions, which given their antiquity, singularity or value are considered part of the Spanish Bibliographic Heritage. From May 2008 the CRAI of the UB systematically provides bibliographic records up to the nineteenth century. The presence of documents catalogued prior 2008 cannot be found in its totality in this catalog. 



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