Bryophyta collection

Bryophyta collection

About 64,000 bryophyte specimens are preserved in the BCN herbarium, most of them from the Catalan Countries and especially from the Pyrenees.
The samples, dried and pressed, are stored in paper envelopes with the corresponding label and fixed on a sheet of herbarium. The folds are stored in lined cardboard boxes, arranged by mosses and liverworts, and within these two groups by genus.
Part of the bryophyte herbarium comes from the old Faculty of Science (BCC) herbarium, so most of the samples are numbered as such. In 2017, the bryophyte herbarium of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (BCB) was incorporated through a transfer agreement signed with this university. It contains about 60,000 specimens and is the most important bryophyte herbarium in the Iberian Peninsula. Includes the collections of Dra. Creu Casas and the bryologists at his school. In all cases, the herbarium numbers have been preserved and are now cited as part of the BCN-Bryo collection, indicating in parentheses their original membership.
The moss collection is fully computerized and can be consulted through the databases section.


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