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Llicències de Creative Commons a l'Estat espanyol

Llicències de Creative Commons a l'Estat espanyol

Llicències de Creative Commons a l'Estat espanyol

The University of Barcelona is an institution affiliated with Creative Commons in Spain since 2003.
Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization from USA that promotes an alternative to "All rights reserved" but also based on the intellectual property rights. The slogan is "Some rights reserved". With the objective of offers licenses to the authors to exercise their rights and at the same time give them some certain conditions.
In Spain, the Creative Commons project began in February 2003 when the University of Barcelona chose a system to publish teaching material following the example of the OpenCourseware of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It was decided to opt for the license sytem used by MIT, the Creative Commons. By this way it was established a working agreement whom the University of Barcelona would head the licenses adaptation project in Spain, in Spanish and Catalan. From February 2004 was opened a discussion list about licenses and thanks to the contributions received it was obtained licenses adapted to the Spanish legislation.
Since 1 October 2004, the Creative Commons licenses adapted to intellectual property law in Spain are available to everyone, both Spanish and Catalan. Nowadays there are also versions in Aranese, Asturian, Basque and Galician.

  Approach to Creative Commons Licenses: what are they? how to apply them? / Universitat de Barcelona. CRAI Biblioteca de Bellvitge [in catalan]




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