Ethnobotany collection

Ethnobotany collection

Col·lecció d'etnobotànicaThis collection contains reference samples from ethnobotany studies carried out by the EtnoBioFic, research group, led by Dr. Joan Vallès of the Department of Biology, Healthcare and the Environment at the University of Barcelona, who is also the scientist in charge of this collection.

The collection includes samples that have a special format, such as photographs, plant fragments or plant products processed to varying degrees. They may come from any type of vegetation, but often involve higher plants. Included are samples from ethnobotany studies of Pallars, Montseny, Alt Empordà, and other places. 

Depending on their format, the samples are preserved through dehydration and stored in plastic envelopes or they are stored in jars of alcohol in special cupboards. The samples are put in alphabetical order regardless of the plant group to which they belong.

This collection is now almost entirely computerized and can be consulted in the database webpage.


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