Printers' Devices

Device of Valencian printer
Joan Jofré

The database Printers' Devices of the Ancient Book Section of the Library of the University of Barcelona, was launched in October of 1998.

The working methodology used is directly tied to the cataloguing process of ancient books, approaching the printers in parallel to the elaboration of the bibliographic records. In this way, the printers' authority records incorporated to the catalogue, are made available to the public thorough the database Printers' Devices, together with the corresponding image or images.

Given this approach to the input process, the criteria of inclusion of the different entries are neither chronological nor geographical. And so, the database covers from the XV to the XVIII century, and geographically from all around Europe but mostly from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Low Countries, reflecting the collection’s own personality.

The Database offers a link from the printers' entries to the corresponding bibliographical records in the Catalogue of the Library of the University of Barcelona that includes them as a secondary entry, as well as a link to the bibliographical record of the book from which we have obtained the image of the device.

Each entry of the database includes information of the printers' activity, the years and places in which they worked and other remarkable biographical facts, for example the associations. This data is extracted from the works included in the bibliography.

The records also contains information about the marks they used. It consists of a description of the mark, and the main keywords in Catalan, Spanish and English.

On the search page there is a link to the Timemap of the database. It consists of a map locating the printers?cities and a timeline to place them chronologically. The map is searchable by city names and dates and you can combine the terms by using the filters.

For devices of doubtful attribution we have created a Pinterest account linked from the CRAI library web. Images uncertain to be typographical devices or without a set iconographic description will be published on this board, waiting to be assigned to a printer, to be definitively discarded, or to settle its description.

The database is updated in a weekly basis. In April 2018 the database has 1800 printer files and 3190 device images.

See the leaflet of the Database

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