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Cercabib: new search engine

Searching at Cercabib

Cercabib: new search engine

 What’s Cercabib?


Cercabib is the University of Barcelona CRAI’s discovery tool, which allows you to search simultaneously through the entire CRAI collection, regardless of the format, type or location of your chosen item: paper and electronic copies of books, journals, magazine articles, doctoral theses and audio-visual materials, physically located in one of our CRAI libraries or stored on a UB or external server.


Logo del SIREIn conjunction with the E-Resources Access Service, SIRE, Cercabib provides access to all of the electronic resources to which the CRAI holds a subscription.


 What are you searching?


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 How does it work?


The tutorial Cercabib: new way to search in... shows you in detail what Cercabib is and how it works: searching, sorting results, interpreting the different interface elements, configuration options, My Account, and all the other features and innovations.


 Not finding what you need?


There are a limited number of online resources that are not covered by the Cercabib search engine. Consult the complete list of databases.


 Any doubts?


The User Support Service, S@U, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


 Cercabib user survey


Cercabib is currently in beta phase, with the final touches being made to its configuration and general functioning. This is why your view is so important to us. Please fill in this short survey and let us know what you think.


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