Former Owners

The majority of the books kept in the CRAI Biblioteca de Reserva de la Universitat de Barcelona comes from convents in the Barcelona province due to the suppression laws of Mendizábal in the first third of the 19th century. In addition, the volume and importance of the collection have increased over the time thanks to items coming from the University of Cervera as well as donations.

Until their definitive location in the University buildings in 1880, the fate of this rich documentary heritage was not free from accidents and dangers. Many books were lost, but those that survived show ownership evidences of their proprietors.

Our database shows two kinds of ownership records. Some of them contain provenance images and, if necessary, context images from the original document. The rest do not currently contain images, a situation to be addressed in the future. As to institutions, mainly religious, they all have accompanying images.

Our database offers the following search fields, equivalent to the records’ main contents:

  • Owner (individuals and institutions)
  • City (institutions)
  • Country
  • Date of the evidence
  • Evidence type - Also available in Catalan and Spanish
  • Religious order (individuals and institutions) - Also available in Catalan and Spanish
  • Type of institution - Also available in Catalan and Spanish
  • Titles (individuals) - Also available in Catalan and Spanish
  • Occupation (individuals) - Also available in Catalan and Spanish
  • Keyword

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