Personal collections

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Personal collections

Personal collections

The University of Barcelona receives by donation collections of relevant personalities for their career and that have had an outstanding link with our institution.


These legacies include different types of material (personal documents, correspondence, photographs, private libraries, etc.) that may have been written, collected and used by a person, a family or an agency in the exercise of their activities and functions, which It makes them very interesting for research.


Artigas, Josep
Graphic work, archive and personal library
Bosch Gimpera, Pere
Archive and personal library
Carreras i Artau, Joaquim
Archive, correspondence and documentation
Cuatrecasas, Josep
Personal collection
Giralt Miracle, Ricard
Personal collection
Margalef, Ramon
Archive and scientific production
Martorell, Oriol
Archive and personal library Martorell-Solanic
Pascual, Griselda
Personal collection
Pedro-Pons, Agustí
Personal and photographic archive
Porter i Moix, Miquel
Archive and personal library
Prevosti, Antoni
Archive and personal library
Sabater Pi, Jordi
Archive and personal library
Sacristán, Manuel
Archive and personal library



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