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Support for the citation manager Mendeley

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Support for the citation manager Mendeley

Support for the citation manager Mendeley

Mendeley is a reference and citation manager that is integrated with commercial databases, the UB's institutional repository and the CRAI Cercabib. It has the characteristics of an advanced social network. Mendeley can be used to organize your research, collaborate with other users online, and find the latest documents published in your subject area.
Mendeley enables you to:

 Create a personal library.


 Import documents to your personal library and organize them in files.


 Share research: create public and private groups, share documents and work collaboratively to review scientific papers.


 Include citations in word processors and generate bibliographies.


 Create a personal profile with your curriculum, publications and affiliations. 

 Create an account in Mendeley
You can create an account at with the advantages of Mendeley Institutional Edition if you previously activate the E-Resources Access Service (SIRE) identification and enjoy more benefits than if you create a Free account:
 100GB of storage to create a personal library, instead of 2GB in the free version.
 100GB of storage for research groups, instead of 100MB in the free version (the space is taken from the account of the person who created the group).
 Share research, by creating an unlimited number of public and private groups for exchanging documents, with up to 100 member (instead of five private groups with no more than twenty five members in the free version).
 Personal profile containing your curriculum, publications and affiliation. You can receive recommendations of papers based on your personal library, using Mendeley Suggest.
 Be a part of  page on Mendeley.
If you have a Free account and want to upgrade to Mendeley Institutional Edition before entering Mendeley, activate the E-Resources Access Service (SIRE) identification. 
[The SIRE identification is only necessary to create a new account or for users who are Free and want to upgrade to MIE. Afterwards, you don't have to activate it to enter in the accounts of Mendeley, only if you can renew your subscription for one year more].
 Work with Mendeley
Mendeley has a desktop version, Mendeley Desktop, and a web version, Mendeley Web.


 You can download Mendeley Desktop using the button Download Mendeley Desktop. If you use the Desktop version, you can create and organize your collection of references and documents. You can also drag PDF files into Mendeley Desktop, to introduce a reference immediately, and you can underline or add notes to documents while you read them. You can also share documents privately with colleagues.


 To obtain the latest updates for both versions, you will need to synchronize them periodically, using the Sync button in Desktop.


 From Mendeley Desktop, go to the Tools menu and download:

- The Web importer  (or "Save to Mendeley"). Then drag this button to the bookmarks toolbar in your browser, so that you can import references and documents from databases or web pages automatically.

- The MS Word plug In, Libre Office Plug In, so that you can add citations to you text documents.


 User guides and other informations


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For more information, consult the FAQs on using Mendeley. For more information, consult the User Support Service (S@U).



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