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Service Charter of the University of Barcelona CRAI

Service Charter of the University of Barcelona CRAI

Service Charter of the University of Barcelona CRAI



The University of Barcelona Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI) was created in early 2004 with a view to adapting the University’s libraries to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area, within which a new framework for university teaching based on learning, research, development and innovation was being developed. Today, the CRAI continues to provide both general library services and a range of specific support services for teaching and research. The CRAI’s Service Charter embodies its commitment to the quality and continuous improvement of all the services and activities it offers to users.
 To provide information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via personalized service during office hours and/or online through the S@U, User Support Service.
 To process and reply to any complaints, suggestions or acknowledgements received through the duly completed form within three working days.
 To offer a document lending service that facilitates the consultation of the CRAI’s book and document collections outside the library centres.   
 To offer training sessions and workshops to help users acquire the knowledge and skills they need to identify, locate and use information resources.
 To process interlibrary loan requests in fewer than six days.
 To purchase, each year, the total number of volumes recommended by teaching staffs.  
 To use the Digitization Centre (CEDI) to digitize the CRAI’s heritage collection of old books and books in the public domain.
 To ensure user satisfaction with the services and resources offered by the CRAI.
 Teaching staff satisfaction with the S@U, User Support Service.
 Student satisfaction with the service offered by CRAI staff to resolve doubts.
 Complaints, suggestions and acknowledgements answered within three working days (the deadline established).
 User satisfaction with the document loan service.
 User satisfaction with training (as reflected in the user satisfaction surveys conducted after sessions and workshops).
 Interlibrary loan requests processed in fewer than six days.
 Student satisfaction with the availability of books recommended by teachers.
 Student satisfaction with the UB’s CRAI service.
 Teaching staff satisfaction with their CRAI library.
You can see the degree of compliance with the Service Charter in this document.
Members of the UB community and other approved library users have the following rights:
 To be treated with respect and consideration.
 To have access to the resources and services needed to complete learning and research programmes under the conditions established.
 To have access to the libraries during a reasonable number of opening hours, in accordance with each centre’s availability.
 To receive information, advice and assistance in finding and making use of book and document collections.
 To receive training in information retrieval skills.
 To have access to library spaces and equipment designed to support private and group study activities.
 To be assured confidentiality of personal data at all times, in compliance with the Data Protection Act.
 To submit suggestions for improvements and register complaints.
Members of the UB community and other approved library users have the following duties:
 To respect the equipment, facilities and spaces and use these exclusively for their designated purposes.
 To follow the instructions of the library staff and respect the rules on library services.
 To be able to show the personal and non-transferable CRAI library card when using the loan service.
 To abstain from behaviour that infringes the rights of other users, such as making noise, eating and drinking or talking on a mobile phone.
 To be able to show UB identification when so requested.
 To refrain from selling, modifying, translating or creating derivative works based on the materials included in any of the collections or making any other use of digital resources that might constitute an infringement of copyright.
 To look after personal belongings, the loss, theft or damage of which the UB CRAI cannot be held responsible for.
Suggestions, complaints and acknowledgements intended to improve CRAI library services may be written and submitted to:
 Suggestion boxes located in all CRAI libraries
 Each faculty’s User Committee



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