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Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

The Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI) supports teaching, learning, research and training across all areas of the UB’s activity. It disseminates and facilitates access to information resources, provides a range of quality services, and collaborates in knowledge creation processes in a number of ways, contributing to the academic and scientific goals of each member of the University of Barcelona community.
The CRAI should be the primary source of information and resources for the entire UB community, in all aspects of teaching, learning and research. Takes a role in innovation, knowledge transfer and talent creation, and is among the leading university library systems in Spain and abroad. 
The CRAI’s is defined by the following core values:
 A focus on quality 
 A commitment to obtaining results 
 A commitment to active institutional and social involvement 
 A focus on innovation and continuous improvement 
 A commitment to user satisfaction
 A commitment to the pursuit and promotion of excellence and rigour 
 A participative, communicative and cooperative mentality


The CRAI subscribes to the Code of ethics, integrity and good practice of the University of Barcelona (catalan) and to the Code of Ethics of the Col·legi Oficial de Bibliotecaris-Documentalistes de Catalunya


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