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The CRAI in figures

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The CRAI in figures

  • The CRAI in figures 2022


The CRAI of the University of Barcelona presents this compilation of significant figures in order to offer a panoramic, as well as a synthetic, view of its facilities, resources and activities corresponding to the year 2022.


To facilitate the consultation, data are structured into three main blocks: Facilities, equipment and human resources, Services and Information resources and patrimonial collections; plus, a fourth block, CRAI's user satisfaction, where data are extracted from user satisfaction surveys.


  • Facilities, equipment and human resources


Computer lab
16 CRAI libraries and 7 units
38.550 m2 built
6.574 library seats
16 computer labs with 372 seats
90 working rooms with 602 seats
152 laptops
3.449 electrical connection points
236 people from the CRAI team


  • Services



Loan service
1.942.739 CRAI libraries visits
1.626.422 downloaded articles from electronic journals
1.014.686 inquiries and eBook downloads
2.742.831 queries and downloads of databases
6.332 queries answered at User support service, (SAU)
366.587 loans and renewals of documents and equipment
8.364 interlibrary loan requests managed
2.039.142 CRAI web views
1.714.053 catalog searches
10.866 attending training courses


  • Information resources and patrimonial collections


Bibliographic fund
1.648.325 printed books
371.967 electronic books
14.219 audiovisual documents
38.100 printed journals
88.465 electronic journals
308 databases
18.343 other types of electronic resources
74.052 documents at the Digital Repository
10.207 doctoral theses at the Digital Repository and at TDX (Tesis Doctorals en Xarxa)
4.919 documents at BiPaDi (Biblioteca Patrimonial Digital)
23.720 documents at MDC (Memòria Digital de Catalunya)
35% of UB's articles published at the Digital Repository
98 journals at RCUB (Revistes Científiques de la Universitat de Barcelona)
2.180 manuscripts
1.185 incunabula
+136.000 printed documents from the 16th century to 1820
890 parchments
11.270 engravings in separate plates
2.515 objects digitalized by CEDI (Digitization Centre)
38 personal collections
86 special collections
89 digital collections


  • CRAI's user satisfaction


User satisfaction survey
97,84% of teaching and researcher staff global satisfaction
96,00% of student global satisfaction



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