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Owner Rossell, Carles Vicenç, actiu segle XVIII
Alternative name Rossell, Carles Vicenç, s. XVIII
Source BC/A, 11 jun. 2009 (enc.: Rossell, Carles Vicenç)
Source Calbet i Camarasa, 1981-1983: v. 3, p. 57 (Rossell, Carles Vicenç)
Occupation Physicians
Country Espanya
Type of evidence Bindings
Description/Transcription Plena pell d'època marró, llom amb nervis, teixell i daurats
Date of evidence S. XVIII
Catalog Bib.Rec. Bibliographic record
Type of evidence Manuscript ex-libris
Description/Transcription Dr. Carlos Rossell
Date of evidence S. XVIII
Context image Title page or others
Catalog Bib.Rec. Bibliographic record
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