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Services for people with special needs

Services for people with special needs

The CRAI provides a range of custom resources and services for users with disabilities.


Aimed at: CRAI users in possession of valid identification accrediting their disability status.


If you have specific requirements, please contact S@U, the User Support Service.


The following services are offered:


 Consultation and access to documents: library staff will attend consultations and provide the necessary documents, during the standard opening hours of the CRAI libraries.


 Document Loans:


 Users with severe motor disability, reduced mobility or conditions requiring extended periods of hospitalization may authorize a representative to loan documents on their behalf by submitting the authorization form at any loans desk.


 Extended loan periods.


 Laptop loans and reading desks.


 Reproduction of documents in circumstances envisaged in the revised text of the Spanish Intellectual Property Law (article 31 bis): Neither is authorization required for the reproduction, distribution or public communication of works already released when this is done for the benefit of individuals with disabilities provided that such actions are not for commercial gain, bear a direct relation to the disability in question, are carried out according to a procedure or in a medium adapted to the conditions of the disability, and are limited to the specific requirements of these conditions.


 Customizable accessibility options for the operating systems of CRAI computers.



For more information, consult the FAQs or contact us via S@U, the User Support Service.



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